What’s The Question?

What’s The Question?

This is a game submission from Marcelo Simas, an English teacher in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, and it’s called What’s the question?

He’s been a teacher for almost 20 years, working with children, teenagers, and adults in his own private school

• This is a game for small groups

• It works best for Elementary students and older

• You’ll need 10 cards with questions and 10 answers cards

Here’s how to play

1. Make a set of cards that come in pairs.

2. Each pair has a question card and an answer card (you can play a game of concentration to practice the language if you want)

3. Put the pairs of cards face down on the table.

4. Pick up a pair of cards.

5. Read out the answer only.

6. The first student (or team) to correctly say the question that matches the answer gets a point.

7. If no one answers correctly, place the pair back down on the table and return to them later in the game.

8. Continue until all the cards are gone or until you feel it’s time to finish.

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