How To Use LEEP Place mats To Teach Children To Read

3 How To Use LEEP Place mats To Teach Children To ReadH

The LEEP Place mat is a wonderful tool designed to introduce young learners to the letters of the alphabet, easing them into reading while fostering a sense of familiarity with each letter. By incorporating the LEEP Place mat into daily routines, students are exposed to phonics learning during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, providing essential frequency and exposure which are crucial for learning to read.

Each place mat features all 26 LEEP Letters along with pronunciation hints, making it easier for the kids to associate and remember the phonetic sounds of the letters. They are available in various styles, some of which include numbers, shapes, and pictures. It's recommended to print the place mats on large paper and laminate them for durability, allowing reuse over many years.

One engaging activity that can be conducted using the LEEP Place mat is the game “Where is it?” suitable for learners aged 1 and up. In this game, the place mat is placed on a table and the child is asked to identify specific letters on it. It's crucial to use the phonetic pronunciation of the letter followed by its hint word for clarification, for example, 'a - a - apple'. Upon successfully finding the letter, abundant positive reinforcement is given to the child, making the learning experience enjoyable and encouraging. If the child struggles to find the letter, subtle hints can be provided to guide them, ensuring not to give away too much, as solving the problem independently enhances their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. The game is repeated, keeping it engaging and fun until just before the point it may start to bore the learners. Through such interactive and affirming activities, the LEEP Place mat proves to be a versatile and beneficial tool in laying the foundation for reading and phonics comprehension among young learners.

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