By Kevin Fabris

August 26, 2017

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Free Printable Placemats For Teaching Kids How To read - Easy ESL Games

When our students are just beginning to learn how to read we like to introduce the letters of the alphabet using a LEEP  Placemat.  The LEEP Alphabet placemats are a really effective tool for easing children int reading and building up a sense of familiarization with each letter. 

Two of the most important aspects of reading are frequency and exposure.  So using a LEEP Placemat opens up at least 3 opportunities per day to learn phonics; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Placemat is however in means confined to the table.  It's a great tool for learning The ABC Song with Alphabet Sounds and playing any number of phonic related games.

The Details About LEEP Placemats:

  • The feature all 26 LEEP Letters with pronunciation hints.  ( A looks like an Apple)
  • Some styles combine numbers, shapes and/or pictures.
  • We recommend printing the LEEP Placemats on large paper (A3 size) and laminating them right away so that you can reuse them for years to come.

In this example we show you how you can use the LEEP Placemat to play "Where is it?" with learners from the ages of 1 and up.  Because the child in the video is a baby, we've kept the game extremely simple and use a lot of positive re-enforcement.

How to use a LEEP Placemat to play Where is it?

  • Put the LEEP Placeat on a table.
  • Ask a child to find specific letters.
  • Make sure you are using the letters phonetic pronunciation followed by it's hint word.  E.g., a - a - apple.
  • When the child finds the letter, offer a lot of positive re-enforcement.  If they can't find it give them little hints to help them out.  Make sure you're not helping too much.  A child gains a sense of accomplishment and self confidence by thinking their way through a problem and discovering the answer on their own.
  •   Repeat until just before the game gets boring.
  • We hope you have a ton of fun helping your youngest learners learn to read with out LEEP Placemats.  Always if you have any questions comments or concerns about how to use any of our resources in your class, email us directly at

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