Letter Swap

Letter Swap

Letter Swaps is a simple and entertaining phonics game aimed at helping students explore different sounds in their names, ideally suited for learners getting acquainted with reading. Requiring just a whiteboard or paper and a marker, this game, lasting around 10 minutes, involves two main versions.

In the first version, students or the teacher write the students' names on the whiteboard or paper. Focusing on a particular letter, like 'G', they then tweak the letters in the names, making playful variations such as changing 'Aki-ra' to 'Aki-ga', then 'Agiga', and so on. The activity helps students visualize and vocalize letter sounds, creating a fun learning environment.

The second version requires breaking down students' names into syllables or phonemes on post-it notes, and then swapping these notes to form new names or words. This could extend to mixing different words to create whimsical combinations, like merging 'kangaroo' and 'octopus' to form 'kangapus' or 'octoroo'. Students can further engage by drawing the new, imaginary animals or objects created through the letter swaps.

Letter Swaps is a quick, enjoyable exercise that aids students in mastering phonics in an interactive and imaginative way.

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