Criss Cross

Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a fun game that can help students practice answering questions in a relaxed and engaging setting.

To play:

Make a list of questions that your students can answer.

Have students stand up in rows and columns.

Ask a question.

The first student to raise their hand and answer correctly gets to choose whether to sit down or have all the students in their row or column sit down.

Play continues until only one student is left standing.


Make sure the questions are at the appropriate level for your students.

Encourage students to be creative with their answers.

If a student is struggling to answer a question, you can give them a hint.

Most importantly, have fun!

Criss Cross is a great way to get all of your students involved in learning and practising answering questions. It is also a fun and engaging way to start your class or review a lesson.

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