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About Easy ESL Games

Founded in 2014 in Japan, Easy ESL Games initially set its roots in developing practical and engaging ESL classroom resources. Built by a dedicated team of educators, school owners, and content creators, our mission has always been to ensure both teachers and students have the best tools at their disposal.

Concise, Useful, and Easy

Over the years, we recognized a broader digital need within our community. This insight steered our journey from primarily creating teaching resources to mastering the art of digital content. Today, in addition to our foundational ESL materials, we also extend our expertise into website development and tailored advertising solutions.

Transform Your Digital Presence

Digital Marketing

Starting with Easy ESL Games, our primary focus was on creating ESL classroom resources.

Over time, as we made videos, we saw the need for better digital solutions in our field. This realization led us to expand into website development and advert creation.

A Natural Progression

Our background in video content made us familiar with the digital landscape. It wasn't long before we started helping businesses, both small and large, with their web and advertising needs.

Bringing Our Expertise to You

We know the ins and outs of digital content, and now we offer website and advertising services. Our goal is to help others have a solid online presence that serves their needs.

Eikaiwa Websites in Japanese

Reaching a Japanese audience has never been this seamless. With our Eikaiwa websites, communicate your offerings fluently and professionally in Japanese.

This package is inclusive of three years of free hosting, with packages available from as little as 29,980 yen.

Why Easy ESL Games?


Diverse Resources

From free downloads to premium content, find the perfect fit for your class.


Engaging Music

Our albums, tailored for ESL and EFL contexts, captivate young minds and make learning fun.


Interactive Games

Proven to foster engagement, our games ensure students are actively participating and enjoying the process.


Adaptable Content

Every game can be modified to suit different learning levels, ensuring inclusivity.

Our ESL Teaching Stuff

Our Offerings


Get a mix of free and premium teaching aids designed specifically for ESL classes and kindergarteners.

Classroom Music

From phonics to weather topics, our music makes classes lively and interactive.


Dive into a vast collection of game videos that have already captivated millions online.

ESL Games for Classrooms

Types Of Games


Our Best ESL Games

These are the crème de la crème of our game collection, highly recommended by educators and loved by students. Each game is tailored to offer the best educational and engagement value.


ESL Games to Introduce Topics and Words

Starting a new topic or introducing new vocabulary? These games provide a smooth transition, ensuring students grasp new concepts while having fun.


ESL Flashcard Games

Harnessing the power of visual learning, our flashcard games are designed to reinforce memory and recognition. They are simple yet effective tools for learning.


Fun ESL Games

Pure entertainment meets education. These games are all about laughter and enjoyment, ensuring students are engaged and always looking forward to the next lesson.


ESL Reading & Phonics

Focusing on foundational literacy skills, these games cover everything from basic phonetic sounds to advanced reading comprehension. They are pivotal in building strong reading habits.


ESL Whiteboard Games

Make the most out of your whiteboard. These games are visually engaging, allowing teachers to illustrate concepts and students to interact directly with the learning material.


Small ESL Classes

Tailored for intimate learning settings, these games ensure every student gets individual attention. They promote close interaction and personalized learning experiences.


Large ESL Classes

Managing a big group? These games are designed to maintain order while ensuring everyone is involved. They are perfect for keeping large classes engaged and active.


Online Games

In today's digital age, online learning is pivotal. These games are optimized for virtual classrooms, ensuring remote learning is just as engaging as traditional settings.


Teachers Help

Beyond just games, this is a collection of resources and tools to assist teachers in planning, executing, and evaluating lessons. Every educator's trusty companion for effective teaching.

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