By Steve C

May 31, 2020

This Easy ESL Games was submitted by Margarida Mendes. The game is a take on of our favorite classroom activities "Routines".

To play routines students take turns remembering and using phrasal verbs in a specific order, while using playing cards as a visual hint. The game gets harder each round as students add one more phrase to the game with each turn.

Margarida's "twist" was adding a second deck of cards! In this video one of here students is combining the Target Language "I have __", the numbers from a regular deck of cards and animals from a pack of animal vocabulary cards.

Margarita's version teaches the language "I have 7 penguins" but it can be easily tweaked to teach any number of target languages.

Ex: S1- I have 2 cats.

S2- I have 2 cats and I have 5 birds.

S1 - I have 2 cats and I have 5 birds and I have 1 dog.

Give this great game a try in your class and tell us how it goes in the comment section!

Watch more here:

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