Rapid Question and Answer

Rapid Question and Answer

Rapid Questions and Answers is an engaging classroom game designed to make language drilling and repetition enjoyable. It brilliantly melds language review, competition, and a time constraint, making it a versatile game adaptable for any target language and age group, from 3 to 103. The essence of the game is to get students to repeatedly practice a set target language within a defined time limit, sparking a competitive yet fun environment for learning.

The materials for the game, as illustrated, include the card game AGO, the board game Launch Across, and a timer, although substitutions like a simple ball toss can be used if these aren't available. In this exemplified scenario, the topic is Food, with the target language being the expression of one's favourite food.

The game kicks off with setting up a timer and defining an objective, like forming rows of balls to Launch Across. Each time a student correctly uses the target language, they get a chance to shoot a ball, aiming to create a line of balls. The timer, set to a suitable duration, ideally less than a minute, instigates a rapid-fire round of questions and answers where students exhibit their understanding of the target language.

For instance, students rapidly answer the question “What's your favourite food?” with varied responses, each correct attempt getting them a chance to shoot a ball. The aim is to either form a line of balls or gather the most balls on the game board before the timer runs out. The process is repeated, keeping the energy high and the engagement deep, until just before the activity loses its spark, leaving students eager for more in the next session.

The simplicity, pace, and competitive nature of Rapid Questions and Answers make it an exceptional game for reviewing and drilling language in an entertaining, memorable manner. It not only helps in reinforcing the target language, but also in keeping the learning environment lively and students enthusiastic about practising the language.

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