Read My Lips

Read My Lips

Read My Lips Game Overview:

“Read My Lips” is a captivating ESL game that pushes students to pay intricate attention to their pronunciation. More than just pronunciation, it nudges them to become conscious of the movements of their mouth, vital for accurate pronunciation. The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity, requiring no preparatory setup or materials. While a quick round might wrap up in a mere 30 seconds, the game's structure is flexible enough to be elongated, either through multiple review rounds or by transforming it into a relay race.

Playing the Game:

Begin the game by selecting a random, personal phrase, such as “My name is Kevin”. Instead of voicing the phrase, mouth it clearly without making any sound. This might bewilder your students initially, but with patience and repetition, they'll piece it together. Once someone accurately guesses what you're mouthing, they'll grasp the game's mechanics.

Now, transition to the next phase by having your students pair up or form small groups. Instruct each group to retrieve their textbooks and flip to a recent homework page. To review their work using the game, only one student in the group, who'll be mouthing phrases, can have the textbook in front of them. They silently mouth sentences or answers from the homework while their group members strive to decipher the silent words. When someone correctly identifies the mouthed phrase, the textbook is passed to another group member, and the game continues.

This method of “lip-reading” compels students to meticulously observe their peers' lip movements, reinforcing their grasp of grammar, lesson materials, and, most crucially, pronunciation. The game's interactive nature not only aids in knowledge retention but also serves as a fun, innovative way to review lessons.

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