What’s in the Bag? aka the Mystery Bag.

What’s in the Bag? aka the Mystery Bag.

Target Language: “Is it a banana?”, “Do you like bananas?”, etc.

Materials: Cloth bag, lesson-related toys, Super Simple Song “Mystery Box” (optional).


1. Fill the bag with lesson-related toys.

2. Pre-teach vocabulary.

How to Play:

1. Play song, emphasizing “Mystery Bag.”

2. Hold bag, ask “What's in the bag?”, suggest imaginative items.

3. Tighten bag to reveal shape, ask again.

4. Engage responses, initiate conversations using target language.

5. Pass bag for students to feel, continue dialogue.

6. Upon correct language use, reveal item, converse about it, hand it over.

7. Repeat until near end of game time or bag is empty.


1. Engages tactile learners.

2. Encourages natural conversation.

3. Reinforces vocabulary in playful setting.

4. Adaptable to various topics and dialogues.

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