Vocabulary Xs and Os

Vocabulary Xs and Os

Target Language: Grammatically correct sentences using keywords.

Materials: Blackboard, chalk.


1. Draw a 9-square grid on the board.

2. Write a lesson keyword in each square.

3. Divide class into two teams: Xs and Os.

How to Play:

1. Teams take turns forming sentences using a keyword from the grid.

2. If correct, they mark the square with their symbol (X or O). Incorrect attempts forfeit the turn.

3. Explore and correct errors when they occur, allowing only the mistake-maker to use the corrected statement.

4. Continue until a team secures 3 squares in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Extra Rules:

1. Use of course materials allowed, but direct reading from textbooks is not.

2. Teams must start formulating answers within 10 seconds to avoid over-reliance on written materials.

3. Review and correct errors with the entire class, allowing for enhanced learning.


1. Encourages collaboration among shy or low-level learners.

2. Adaptable to various levels and topics.

3. Provides immediate feedback and correction in a playful setting.

4. Engages students in active sentence formation practice.

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