By Kevin Fabris

November 17, 2016

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This Super Simple Game Submission comes to us from Christine M.  It’s a classroom classic that kids can’t get enough of called Swat!

Here are the Details about Swat:

In this example we’re teaching food as the topic and “I like _______ ” as the target language.


I like hamburgers.

I like apples.

Here's How To Play Swat:

  1. Print out words or pictures and glue them to a big poster.
  2. Attach the poster paper to the board with magnets.  ( if you don't have a large poster sized piece of paper you can also just draw/write items on the board).
  3. Divide your class into teams.
  4. Have one member from each team come to the blackboard and hand them each a fly swatter.
  5. Have the students stand with their backs towards the blackboard.
  6. The teacher names one of the words or pictures on the board and the students race to swat it with the fly swatters.
  7. The first student to swat the picture or the word while using the language target wins.

The teacher might say, "apples." Then the  first student that swats the word or picture of the apples while saying “I like apples.” is the winner.


  • It's an easy way to review vocabulary.
  • It's fun.
  • Most importantly,  it works!

Watch more here:

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This Super Simple Game submission comes from Olga.