Vocabulary Swat Game

Vocabulary Swat Game

The Swat game, shared by Christine M., is a delightful and interactive way to reinforce vocabulary in a classroom setting. In this instance, it's utilized to teach food-related words, coupled with the phrase “I like _______.” Here’s how the game unfolds:

1. Begin by preparing a poster with either words or images related to food items, and attach it to the board using magnets. If a large poster isn’t available, directly drawing or writing on the board works too.

2. Split the class into teams.

3. Invite one member from each team to the front and give them a fly swatter each.

4. These students should stand facing away from the board.

5. The teacher will then announce a food item; for instance, “apples.”

6. Upon hearing the cue, students must quickly turn around, locate and swat the corresponding image or word on the poster, all the while saying the phrase, “I like apples.”

7. The first one to do this correctly scores a point for their team.

Swat game is not only fun, but also an efficient method to review and reinforce vocabulary. It’s simple, engaging, and effectively encourages the practical use of the target language in a lively, competitive setting.

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