Make A Snake

Make A Snake

Make A Snake is a fun and exhausting game that requires almost no preparation but gets tons of question and answer practice in a short amount of time.

The Details About Make A Snake :

It's perfect for question and answer practice. It's highly adaptable. Each game lasts between 1 and 2 minutes, but you can play multiple times.

In this example, we are teaching food as our topic. “Do you like (food)? Yes, I do/No, I don't.” as our Target Language.


Do you like bananas?Yes, I do/No I don't.

Here's How To Play Make A Snake:

You will need

a) a wall and

b) a bunch of food and animal toys (the animal toys are to make sure some answers are “No, I don't”).

Put students in teams and line up at the wall.

Place the toys at the other side of the room.4. One member from each team races to the toys, grabs one and races back to their team and asks “Do you like (bananas)?”.

The next student answers, “Yes, I do | No, I don't.” and places the toy against the wall.

The next student does the same, but they place their toy touching the first toy, making a snake reaching into the room.

This repeats until either the toys run out, or a timer stops the game.

The winner is the team with the longest snake.

If you have only 2 or 3 students, they can try to reach a set point on the floor before the timer runs out.

Make A Snake:

It requires hardly any preparation.There's loads of speaking practice.It's exhausting (for your students).

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