What's Under The Blanket?

What's Under The Blanket?


- A large open area.

- A blanket or parachute.

- Music (optional: Super Simple Song, Make A Circle).


1. Have students hold hands forming a circle.

2. Play “Make A Circle” song or sing it a cappella, then have students sit down in a circle.

How to Play:

1. Pick a student to step out of the circle and ensure they don't peek.

2. Quietly select another student to sit at the centre, cover them with a blanket.

3. Call the first student back, ask “Who's Missing?”

4. Help students if needed, ensuring they use English to solve the mystery.

5. Once guessed correctly, pick new students and repeat.

6. Praise positive behaviour throughout.


1. Use flashcards or realia for smaller classes, expanding the game's adaptability.


1. Great for young learners to practice names, colours, etc.

2. Engages students in a fun, interactive way.

3. Encourages usage and practice of English in a playful scenario.

4. Easy to adapt to different topics and class sizes.

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