By Steve C

May 31, 2020

This is a game submission from David Dial, an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan and it’s called Flashcard Simon.

• This is a game for small groups

• Whiteboard Battleship works best for elementary students and older

• You’ll need some flashcards to practice, some number cards, and a small whiteboard and marker.

Here’s how to play

1. Layout 4 flashcards like in the old game Simon.

2. On your whiteboard, draw or write the words you wish to review. If you have another set of flashcards, that works even better. Just stick them on the board.

3. Out of view from the kids, number the cards on your whiteboard, in random order:

 4. Say the flashcards in the order that you numbered them, making sure they can't see the whiteboard.

5. The student places the number 1 card on the first card you said and says the word. Then they place the number 2 card on the second card you said, and says the word, and so on.

6. If they successfully say the cards in the correct order, change up the order and repeat, but then say one card one more time (write a number 5 on a second row on your whiteboard).

7. Make the sequence longer and longer as the game goes on, just like Simon.

8. You can also add more flashcards as the game goes on.

Watch more here:

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