November 19


The majority of ESL games focus on one particular element of language learning: reading, speaking, writing, listening, etc.  Dictation is a game that combines all four elements.
This game is simple. 

All you have to do is say a level appropriate word or sentence and the first group that can properly write what you said and then say the answer is the winner.

The Details:

  •      Dictation works with any number of students.  It works best with a large class in which the students have been divided into pairs or groups.
  •      It can be catered to almost any level of ability as long as your students can write.
  •      It will work with any age group as long as your students have the ability to write.
  •      The only materials required are one paper and one pencil per group.  
  •       This ESL game works even better if you have multiple whiteboards and markers for the students to use.  Whiteboards it easier to collaborate and to make corrections.

How to play Dictation:

  1.     Divide your class into pairs or small groups.
  2.     Tell your students that the first team that can properly write out (the level appropriate) word or sentence you say and then says it out loud gets a point.  As the teacher you can be as hard or easy as you’d like with the grammar in terms of upper and lower case letters, punctuation and penmanship.
  3.     Make the words and sentences increasingly difficult and repeat as desired.  The team that finishes with the most points is the winner.