What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box?


Get a box and some items or “things” like toys, shapes, stuffed animals, or picture cards. Ensure these items match the lesson topic, like shapes or colours for younger students.

Playing the Game:

Have your students sit in a circle and ask them to close their eyes.

Put one of the items into the box and then play a children's song that everyone knows.

As the song plays, pass the box around the circle.

Stop the music at any point. The student holding the box describes the item inside without showing it to others. For a banana, they might say, “It's yummy and yellow.” The goal is to get them to form sentences or link words.

The student who correctly guesses the item gets it as a point.

Repeat the process, making sure every student gets a turn to describe an item.

Note: Always choose items that match the students' language level. It's essential to boost their confidence and not make them feel embarrassed.

For younger kids, you can expect simple sentences like “It's a circle” or “It's red.” For older kids, you might hear, “It's an animal, it's white, and it eats bones.”

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