Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

This game primarily focuses on basic questions that involve adjectives and nouns. Examples include “Is it a dolphin?” or “Is it big?”


Suitable for classes of all sizes.

Designed especially for children aged between 2 and 8.

Materials needed:

A smartphone, a free app, and a speaker (for larger classes).

Setting Up:

On your smartphone, visit the Apple App Store or Google Store.

Search for “Free Animal Sounds.” You'll find numerous soundboards. One example is the free app “Zoo Sounds.”

If your class is large, use a speaker connected to your phone to ensure everyone can hear the sounds.

Playing the Game:

Start the animal sound app on your phone.

Ensure the screen faces you, so students can't see the images.

Play a sound. For instance, an elephant’s trumpeting.

Ask, “What is it?” Students might respond with “ELEPHANT” in English or their native language.

Use the target language, “Is it an elephant?” Wait for a student to repeat the question. Only when they ask correctly, answer with “Yes, it's an elephant.”

Continue with various animal sounds. Soon, students might find it challenging (because who really knows what a rhino sounds like?).

Introduce adjective-based questions like “Is it big?” or “Is it grey?”. Only provide information when students ask using the target language.

As they identify the animal sound, move to another. You can also let a student take your place and play sounds for the class.


For very young learners, even single-word answers are enough. In beginner classes, building vocabulary is the main objective. To simplify, you can pair this game with another activity, “Little Hints,” and describe animals using adjectives, rather than making students guess.

This game is sure to be a hit with young students. Try it out and enjoy the interactive learning experience!

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