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The Busy Day

“The Busy Day” is an exciting ESL memory game that emphasizes reported speech and tests memory skills.


“The Busy Day” is about recalling and reporting activities. It's perfect for students who know their past tense verbs and is designed for those aged 6 and up. The game's duration is around 5–10 minutes, but this can vary based on the class size and skill level.

Materials and Setup:

All you need for this game is a whiteboard with a marker for smaller classes. If you're dealing with a more significant number of students, pencils, and paper for each group will suffice. If your class exceeds 8–10 students, it's a good idea to divide them into smaller groups, preferably not more than six students per group.

Before diving into “The Busy Day”, it's useful to have a list of past-tense verbs readily available. An engaging way to create this list is through a past-tense-verbs A-Z Race. Here's how you can do it: if you have a smaller class, let the students collaborate to jot down the verbs on the whiteboard. However, in larger class scenarios, groups can work independently to think of the verbs. Once every group is done, create a comprehensive list on the whiteboard, ensuring every group has access to the full list.

The game is all set to begin once these steps are complete. The focus is on students remembering and using the past tense verbs from the list in sentences, pushing their memory limits and enhancing their English language skills.

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