ESL Games designed for babies have to be extremely simple. L-L-Laundry is one of the simplest games I’ve seen.

The only materials you’ll need is a set of matching phonic cards and a clothes hanger used for drying laundry. You can pick up one like I’m using at the dollar store. Make sure to buy one with clips.

How to play:

Hold one of the colored phonic cards up and say the word on the card so that your class repeats after you.

Pick a student ( I usually try to reward the ESL learner that said the word the loudest) and hand them the card.

Ask the student to clip the phonic card to the laundry hanger.

Repeat steps 1-3 until all of the cards are on the hanger.

Hold up the black and white set facing you and say the word on the first card e.g. “airplane”.

Once the class repeats the word “airplane” turn the card around so that the students can see the card.

Hold up the laundry hanger just out of reach while spinning it slowly and let your baby ESL learners try to grab the “airplane” card.

Repeat steps 5-7 until all of the phonic cards are taken off the laundry hanger.

If you have a large class I’d recommend selecting one or two kids at a time to try and take the cards down. During the game babies are really focused on the cards so you want to minimize any chance of collisions.

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