What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?

“What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” is a dynamic ESL game that infuses energy and excitement into language learning. It's an ideal choice when the confines of the classroom seem monotonous, and offers an engaging way to practice the query “What time is it?” while introducing time vocabulary.

For this game, you'll need ample space, ensuring students can freely run, and a wall that acts as the finishing line. The primary aim? Reaching the wall without being caught by “Mr. Wolf”.

To initiate, select a student to assume the role of “Mr. Wolf”. Often, the teacher taking on this role for the first round adds an element of excitement. Position the rest of the class about 15 to 20 meters from a wall. With their eyes covered, “Mr. Wolf” faces the wall while the class collectively shouts, “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?”. Responding with a time, like “3 o'clock”, the students take equivalent steps toward the wall. The thrill escalates as they inch closer, and the goal is to touch the wall without being caught. Once they feel the class is near, the “Wolf” can declare, “Dinner Time!”, turning to chase students. The first student caught transitions into the role of “Mr. Wolf” for subsequent rounds.

For educators working with younger students, personalizing the game enhances its effectiveness. Instead of “Mr. Wolf”, using the child's name, such as “What time is it, Lisa?”, can make the question feel more intuitive and relatable.

This game not only serves as an entertaining break from routine classroom activities, but is also a delightful way to familiarize students with time vocabulary. If “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” resonates with your teaching style, consider also exploring games like Freeze Tag to diversify your outdoor ESL activities.

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