By Kevin Fabris

August 9, 2016

15 - 20 Minutes, Active, Answer, Big Class, Big Room, EFL, ESL, Fun, Game, No Materials Required, Outside, Question, Young Learner

ESL games are great when they get your whole class moving and having fun.  What time is it Mr. Wolf delivers both.  It’s a great game for days when the regular classroom is feeling a little too boring.

The Details:

  • This game teaches the question “What time is it?” and works as a great way to use time vocabulary.
  • There are no materials required and almost no preparation needed.  You will however need a large area so your ESL / EFL class can run and a wall that serves as the finish line.
  • The goal of the game is to touch the wall (finish line) without Mr. Wolf catching you.

How to play What time is it Mr. Wolf?:

  1.  Choose a student to be “Mr. Wolf.”  For the first game it’s always more fun if the teacher is the Wolf.
  2.  Have the class line up side by side about 15 to 20 meters away from the wall.
  3.  Mr. Wolf covers his / her eyes while standing next to the wall.  Make sure the “Wolf” is facing the wall.
  4. The class yells “What time is it Mr. Wolf?”
  5. The Wolf then answers with any number 1-12 followed by o’clock.  Ex, “It’s 6 o’clock.”
  6. Then everyone in the class has to take 6 steps towards the wall.
  7. If a student makes it all the way to the wall they are “safe” and “Mr. Wolf” can not catch them.
  8. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until the Wolf hears that the class is close enough to catch.  Then when questioned “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” the Wolf answers “Dinner time!“
  9. Once the Wolf” yells “Dinner Time” they turn around and run as fast as possible trying to catch a classmate before everyone touches the wall where they are “safe”.
  10. Whoever is caught by the “Wolf” becomes the new “Wolf” for the next round of the game.

Every time I’ve used What time is it Mr. Wolf  in my ESL /  EFL lesson it’s been a ton of fun.  It’s a great break from your usual classroom activities and a really fun way to teach and reinforce time vocabulary.

Teaching Tip:

With younger students it helps to remove the “Mr. Wolf” from the game.  By simply substituting the child’s name the e.g. “What time is it Lisa?” the question becomes much more natural and effective for your students.

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