3 Card Hold Em

3 Card Hold Em

Materials Required:

- Vocabulary cards related to the lesson's topic (e.g., School Supplies).


1. Introduce or review the vocabulary using a preferred method (e.g., 2-1-0 technique).

Steps to Play:

1. Secretly select 3 cards out of 7 from the vocabulary set, keeping them hidden from students.

2. Place the remaining cards face down on the table.

3. Fan the selected 3 cards in front of you without revealing the faces to students.

4. Point to one card and ask, “What do I have?”

5. Model the desired response, e.g., “Do you have a pencil?”

6. Students guess the item using the phrase, “Do you have a [vocabulary item]?”

7. Hand the vocabulary card to the student who guesses correctly.

8. Repeat steps 4-7 for the other two cards, then with new sets of 3 cards until all vocabulary has been practised.

9. Continue for multiple rounds as time permits.

Game Example Dialogue:

- Teacher: “What do I have?”

- Student 1: “Do you have an eraser?”

- Teacher: “No, I don’t.”

- Student 3: “Do you have a computer?”

- Teacher: “Yes, I do!” (hands the card to Student 3)

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