Hot Potato

Hot Potato

The singing potato is guaranteed fun for any ESL / EFL class. No questions asked! It has a randomized timer inside and plays “the potato song” until it explodes…..blawang! Kids love it.

You can use the hot potato in almost any situation to add a little bit of fun to your lesson and to give your students a reason to speak quickly. I’ve found that at a table of 6 it’s incredible. Strangely enough, this game works best with high school-aged students. Rather than using any target language simply play question answer.

1) Ask a question = pass the potato

2) Answer a question = pass the potato

3) When the potato stops singing it makes the “blawang” sound. Whomever has the potato gets a point. Points can be good or bad in this game but if there bad there’s much more of an incentive to speak.

4) Repeat steps 1-3 until one player has 3/5 points depending on the size of your ESL class.

5) Enjoy!

The singing potato is available on for around $50.00 American or you can purchase it from for around $10.00 American. I’d go with .com….Just saying.

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