By Kevin Fabris

February 15, 2015

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One of my favourite ESL / EFL resources to use is the BOMB!  It’s great for adding a little bit of pressure to whatever group game or activity you’re playing.  In my experience, the bomb is great for turning your ESL class introductions into a high intensity game that gets the whole class speaking quickly and repeating their introductions numerous times.

The Details:

  • This game works great with younger students about 5 – 9 year of age.
  • The bomb works with any class size.
  • The only thing required is a bomb.  If you don’t have a toy bomb simply put a timer in a box and it will work just as well.
  • I like to use this game as an introduction activity and it usually takes up about 10 minutes of class time.

How to Play:

  1. To play this game, simply get your class to make a circle on the floor (a table works fine with a smaller class).
  2. Introduce yourself, ex, “I’m Kevin.”  Usually, I get a few scattered “hello”s in response.
  3.  Pull out the BOMB.  Make it dramatic and fun.  Pretend that you’re concerned that the BOMB might blow up.  Introduce yourself again.  This time you should get a larger reaction.
  4.  Dramatically, twist the BOMB and introduce yourself again.  By repeating your introduction your teaching the game and giving the target language.
  5.  Introduce yourself again, pull the pin and pass the BOMB to the student next to you.  That student is required to personalize the target language before passing the BOMB.  Trust me they pick it up pretty quick.
  6.  Do a few test runs and then make it harder.  i.e. “I’m Kevin.  What’s your Name?”
  7.  To end the game make it into a version of musical chairs.  If the BOMB explodes while you’re holding it, you’re out.  Repeat until there is a winner.


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