By Kevin Fabris

February 10, 2015

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In all honesty the game of AGO is probably one of the most useful ESL games available.    However, in-time, any game can get a little stale.  After a while I noticed that some of my students seemed to be reacting to the pictures on each AGO card rather than the actual questions.

As a real plus, after 6 months of playing the game when ever the opportunity arose almost every student could recite the correct answers with very little thought.  That was great but what's the point of using games in your ESL lesson if the students are simply reciting the answers?  Enter WAGO!

WAGO is simple.  It has the same rules as regular AGO (here are the rules) but with one little twist.  Every time a student answers a question,  you ask "why?".  It's really easy for some questions i.e. What's your favorite food?  However it gets really difficult when the question is something a little more complex i.e. How old are you?

Q - How old are you?

A - I'm 9 years old.

Q - Why?

A - Ummmmmm, I'm 2 years older than my brother and he's 7 (that's a real answer).

WAGO is a lot of fun because it's not only a game that gets your ESL students speaking, it's a game that causes them to personalize and think about their answers.  Give it a try.  I love it and I'm sure you and your ESL class will too.

If you would like to purchase AGO you can buy it on or directly from their website.

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