- Vocabulary cards (toys-related or topic of choice).

- Magnets (for larger classes, to place cards on the blackboard).


- Ideal for reviewing newly learned vocabulary with a small to medium-sized group.

- The game is short and sweet, usually lasting under a minute per round with a total gameplay time of about 5 minutes.

How to Play:

1. Pre-teach the vocabulary using the cards and ensure students understand the target language phrases.

2. Lay out all the vocabulary cards on the floor or blackboard, verbalizing each item as you place it, e.g., “Do I want a boat?” “Do I want a teddy bear?”

3. Mentally pick one card/item and remember it. Pose the question to the class, “What do I want?”

4. Employ some theatrics: pretend you're transmitting the answer through ESP by touching your forehead and concentrating. Repeat the question, “What do I want?”

5. Model the expected responses with a few examples, e.g., “Do you want a boat?” “Do you want a helicopter?” to help students catch on to the game's mechanics.

6. Encourage students to guess the item you're thinking of using the target language. Correct and model the full target sentence if necessary, e.g., “Do you want a teddy bear?”

7. Celebrate correct guesses with a high-five or praise, then quickly move on to another round with a new item in mind.

8. After a few rounds, step back and let students take turns playing the teacher role, guiding the guessing game.


1. Efficient and enjoyable vocabulary review tool.

2. Encourages active participation and repetition of target language.

3. Low teacher talking time, promoting student interaction and language use.

4. Adaptable to different vocabulary topics and language targets.

5. Keeps engagement high with a fun, interactive premise and quick rounds.

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