Concentration is a tried-and-true game, ideal for honing in on vocabulary. With two sets of matching vocabulary cards, you're set to play.

How to Dive into Concentration:

Select a suitable number of vocabulary cards for your students' age.

Introduce the topic and target language.

Split the class into teams.

Mix up the vocabulary cards and arrange them face down.

The first team flips over a card, crafting a sentence that merges the lesson's theme with the target language.

The goal now is to find the card's twin. If they do, they get another go (with a max of three goes to keep things brisk).

A successful match means the cards are removed as “points”. If not, they're flipped back down.

A wrong match or slip in the English used gives the next team their turn.

Continue until all cards are matched.

Whichever team has amassed the most pairs takes the win.

Adapting Concentration for Various Ages:

For the little ones (2-4 years), start with 3 card pairs and straightforward language.


Card 1 – “It’s a peach.”

Card 2 – “It’s a peach.”

For mid-range kids (5-10 years), increase to 5-10 card pairs and elevate the language challenge. Adding a touch of whimsy can also engage them more.

Card 1 – “A dog has four legs.”

Card 2 – “A dog doesn’t wear sunglasses.”

For the older students, go big with 20-30 card pairs. Dive deeper into language skills, perhaps by incorporating the word “because” for extended responses.


Card 1 – “I have a book because I love reading.”

Card 2 – “I don’t have a book because I prefer e-books.”

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