Crazy House

Crazy House

This is a game submission from Loren, an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan and it’s called Crazy House

• This is a game for groups of between 5 - 20

• It works best for Junior High School and older

• You’ll only need some action cards and a timer

Here’s how to play

1. Divide the class into two teams. Tell the students that one team are doctors and one team are all “crazy”.

2. Give each student in the crazy team one action card that they must keep a secret from the doctors.

3. Set a timer for 2 minutes and make sure all the students in the crazy team understand how to act out their cards. Be sure not to let the doctors see this.

4. Once the timer starts, doctors must walk around the room and diagnose each crazy student by using the target language. “He is laughing in the corner. He should sit down.” “She is trying to catch a fly. She should go to the hospital.” “He is waving at the teacher. He should take some medicine.”

5. After the two minutes are up, your whole class will be in stitches laughing! Be sure to review the target language with the class once more (she was… she should…)

6. Now swap teams and give the new “crazy” students each a card and play once more.

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