Classroom Language Cards

Classroom Language Cards

Teaching young children English, particularly babies, can be a challenge. Often, they don't have any prior knowledge of English, making traditional teaching methods less effective. A solution that has shown promise is the Total Physical Response (TPR) method.

TPR is about connecting words with actions. For example, to convey the concept of “I don’t know,” a student might shrug their shoulders. Such universal gestures help bridge the language gap.

This idea is behind the Classroom Language Cards. Each card has a word or phrase and a related action illustrated, like a shrugging gesture for “I don’t know.” By combining visual cues with actions, students can better grasp the meaning of English words or phrases.

These cards have been found useful in classes. Over time, with consistent use, many students show improved understanding. The cards offer a practical way to help young learners connect with and remember English phrases.

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