LEEP Racemats

LEEP Racemats

The Alphabet Board Game using LEEP Race mats is an interactive and engaging way to introduce and review phonics with young learners. This game combines the fun of a board game with the educational aspect of phonics learning, making it a win-win for both teachers and students. By utilizing the LEEP Race mats, which can be downloaded, educators have an effective tool to teach phonics in a playful and interactive manner. This game is best suited for young learners between the ages of 3 and 7 and typically lasts for 5 to 10 minutes.

To begin with, it's good to warm up students by singing the ABC Song with Alphabet Sounds using the LEEP Race mat. Once warmed up, each player picks a small toy to use as their game piece. The game can be played on either the uppercase or lowercase racetrack on the Race mat, though lowercase is usually recommended due to its commonality in everyday reading.

The game's progression is determined by a coin flip. If it lands on heads, players move one space; if on tails, they move two spaces. As players advance on the racetrack, they are required to say the correct phonetic pronunciation of the letter they land on, followed by its hint word, for example, 'c - c - caterpillar', 'd - d - don't'. This encourages them to associate the phonetic sounds with the letters and aids in their phonics comprehension.

Teachers play a crucial role in modelling each letter for the students and addressing any pronunciation issues. They guide the learners through the game, ensuring that they are pronouncing the letters correctly and understanding the phonics.

The goal is to traverse from letter A to Z on the racetrack, and the first player to reach Z wins. If the students are still enthusiastic after completing one round, the alphabet version can be switched (e.g., from lowercase to uppercase), and the game can be played again. This offers a different challenge and keeps the learners engaged.

This Alphabet Board Game is a wonderful way to make learning to read a fun and interactive experience. It's straightforward to play, and the kids enjoy it, making it a favourite among both educators and students. Through this game, the LEEP Race mat proves to be a versatile and enjoyable tool to teach and review phonics, contributing to a lively and effective learning environment.

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