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We have dozens of downloads, half of which are completely free. They have been made for teaching ESL classes and younger kindergarten kids. Proven to grab attention, and provide useful and fun language and writing practice.

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Classroom Music

We made the Easy Kids Songs album with ESL and EFL teachers in mind. The songs are designed to be simple to use in class, use teachable grammar points and above all be catchy. They are perfect for ages 2-8 and cover topics such as the weather, phonics, body and more!

We have hundreds of games proven to work in class. Our game videos have been seen millions of times on YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.  
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Who are Easy ESL Games?

Started in 2014 in Japan, Easy ESL Games is a small team of school owners, teachers and video makers. 

Who are the games and materials for?

Any teachers looking for fun ideas, but primarily for ESL teachers. The music is also suited for any preschool or kindergarten. 

What do the games try to do?

Encourage the students to speak as much as possible. English classes in Japan often consist of one 45 minute class a week. We aim to maximize student engagement and talking time. 

Are they right for me?

Any game can be made more challenging for students. To see how to adapt any game click the button.