By Steve C

September 10, 2020

We created these Preposition Cards as a fun and exciting way to let students learn and reinforce 7 basic prepositions without a lot of teacher oversight or instruction.

Here are the details about Preposition Cards:

  • A game lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and is perfect for beginner lessons.
  • Students must know how to read the English language to play this game.
  • This game works for groups of between 2 & 6 players.  If you have a larger class you’ll need to make multiple copies of the preposition cards.

The rules of this game are very similar to UNO.  If your students already know how to play UNO, this game will be extremely easy to play in class.

The objective is to get rid of your cards FIRST!

There are four animal suits (Rabbit, Pig, Kitten and Duck) and 7 basic prepositions (In, On, Under, Next To, Between, In Front Of and Behind).  All of the prepositions are written in RED.

Players must follow the animal suit,  match the preposition on the card played before them or us an applicable special card.  If they can’t they have to pick up a card from the draw pile.

Special Cards:

   Pickup Cards – There are 4 pick up cards in the deck.  When a player uses a pick up card the player beside them in rotation has to pick up the number of cards indicated on the card.

  Skip a Turn – When played the next person in rotation misses a turn.

  Change –   switches the animal being played to whichever suit the player wishes.

  Change Directions – Changes the rotation of card play from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa.

How to Use Preposition Cards:

  1. Download, print, cut out and then laminate the deck of Preposition Cards.
  2. Shuffle the deck and then deal 6 cards to each player.  Put the remaining cards face down in a draw pile.
  3. Have a paper, rock, scissors battle to determine who plays first.  The game rotation starts clockwise beginning with the P,R,S battle champion.
  4. Turn over the top card in the draw pile.  Player 1 must then try match that cards animal, preposition or use a special card.   Failure to do so means that that player forfeits their turn and has to pick up a card from the draw pile.
  5. The second student in rotation must then attempt to match animals or prepositions with the card played by player 1.
  6. The game continues until a player has 1 card remaining.   The moment they have one card left that student must yell all 7 prepositions in a row. “On, In, Under, Next To, Between, In Front Of Behind”.  Failure to do so means that player has to draw 2 new cards.
  7. The first player to play all of their cards wins!
  8. ENJOY!

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