By Steve C

May 31, 2020

This is a game submission from Barbara, an English teacher in Fano, Italy and it’s called Lupo Ghiacco - FROZEN WOLF

. Barbara started teaching 7 years ago and runs a school called smiling English, using a lot of the Genki English, focusing on learning through fun.

• This is a game for any size classes

• It works best for elementary students

• You’ll need some Badges or stickers

Here’s how to play 

1. Create badges (or stickers) with the vocab from today’s lesson, and give one badge to every kid.

2. Make sure the badges are easy to see.

3. Then, I say… “The wolf is……… ” plus one of the badges.

4. The kid who has that badge is the wolf and has to catch the other kids.

5. Once they catch one of the other kids, they loudly say the name of the badge they caught. Or use the word in a sentence you're practicing. And the kid must freeze.

6. The other kids can free the "prisoners" by touching them and saying their badge name.

7. They go on like this until they catch the last kid!

8. It’s also fun to secretly choose a wolf, maybe by touching a kids hand behind their back. 

Watch more here:

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