By Kevin Fabris

July 1, 2017

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This Game is one of the first games I ever used in class.  It builds on one of our first activities, the  Preposition Chant.  The Preposition Chant helps students learn 7 basic prepositions quickly by using a total physical response method for language learning.

The only materials required to play Listen and Draw are a pencil and paper. A stuffed animal doesn’t hurt either.

Heres the "Set Up":

After your class has learned the 7 basic prepositions (on, in, under, next to, between, in front and behind) by using the Preposition Chant they are ready to test out their new English.

Start by writing the sentence: “The dog is on the car” on the whiteboard in your classroom.

At this point, I usually pick up a prop (toy dog)  move it around to see if the class can use the sentence.  If you don’t have any toys it’s no problem you can use literally anything as a replacement.

Start by putting the dog on the desk and say “The dog is on the desk.” Next, move the toy dog under the desk and wait for the class to say “The dog is under the desk.”  Repeat this several times until you are confident that your ESL students have grasped the target language.  

You can also draw an object on the whiteboard, a car for example and move the toy around that image.

Here's How to Play:

  1. Have your students take out a piece of paper and ask them to draw a fishbowl in the middle of the page.
  2. Then, tell your ESL class that “the fishbowl is on a table.
  3. Next, instruct your students to draw “the table is between two chairs.”
  4. Next, ask the class to draw “the cat is under the table.”
  5. Then, say “a cup is in front of the fishbowl.“
  6. Finally, tell your  students that “a panda is behind  everything.”
Once your class has completed the activity invite students to come to the front of the class and draw the various pictures and prepositions on the whiteboard.

Obviously, all of the pictures are interchangeable.  If you know your students love Mickey Mouse, by all means, make sure to include him.

*To keep Listen and Draw to 15 minute maximum time, I like to set a 30 second timer for each new picture the students draw.  Otherwise, this ESL / EFL game can end up taking a really long time to execute.


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